about me

Getting the short-end of the stick in life isn't fun. But to me, it's a way of life.

Being "victimized" day in and day out is something that I hardly noticed, until recently when a co-worker jokingly urged me to start sharing the chuckholes of my life.

But upon further inspection, I realized he was right. In a weird way, I found putting finger to keyboard (vs. pen to paper) kinda therapeutic. And revealing. And since I can't afford a true therapist, I find my soulful release here on screen, with you.

So for every story told, rest assured there are many more left untold. I try to focus on the "shocku-
dramas" that hope-

fully teach others how to learn from life's evils... and most hopefully, how to feel better about their lives, compliments of mine.

So read on! And check out my Facebook page here and there for some real-time shockudrama.

You might just smirk a little.

* Still there? Before I close this post, I want you to know that I do enjoy life. And I'm truly not depressed, even if this form of release focuses on my life struggles. In fact, I'm usually laughing when re-telling these experiences because I find them totally unfortunate, unlikely and "un-fun." But I don't forget for a minute that deep down inside, I really am lucky for a lot of things. And I also know there are people out there who have it a lot tougher than me.

So while I'm grateful for puppy kisses, carbs, the colors blue and orange, my life-
mate, every-
thing Italian and the fewest of folks I consider my true friends, I've grown to love the art of story-blogging through my sizzling sensations of shock and disappointment.

And I hope you do, too!

Giving Props To The Peeps : Charlie Brown and his pal Snoopy were a childhood favorite of mine. They still are. While I make periodic references to CB and the Gang, please tip your hat to the great Charles Schulz for creating these funny, "cornerstone-of-life" characters. You can check out more about Snoopy and the gang here, and even buy stuff. 

Ahhh... the power of the interweb. 

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