Saturday, April 5, 2008

Loco For Mico

 id=BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5185791047182694706 target=If you know anything about the places to see and be seen, you'll agree Mi Cocina makes the cut. Their food is my absolute favorite and I'm willing to endure the hoity vibe by the location nearest me in the high lands of Highland Park.

I shudder to know how much money I've given the Rodriquez family; my bills usually top $100 largely in part to the intoxicating margaritas that are about $9 a pop. And worth every penny.

I was a regular customer at the Galleria location for about five years. I'd meet-up with friends, get my drink on, then do some drunk shopping... Dallas-style! Now that I'm in my older years, I've segued from drunk shopping to drunk ONLINE shopping, where it's easier to order-up some things I don't need from the comfort of my armchair or floor.

One heckuva character there at the Galleria "Mico's" was a lady named Maxine. She knew me by name and when I was in her eyesight, she knew a "margarita on the rocks, no salt" was to be ordered rapidamente. Mico's wasn't a place where everybody knew my name, but it sorta felt that it was as close as I was gonna get.

Mesa Por Dos, Por Favor

One day back in 2005 Joe and I went there for a sensible lunch. Being the glam that I am, I actually wore my sunglasses into the mall to avoid anyone recognizing me and rushing me for my autograph.

During the meal I took my glasses off and set them on the table top. When we were done, we got up and made it about 20 steps from the table before I realized I had left my glasses. You see, without them, I'm a little Helen Keller.

In a matter of mere seconds, the busboy had already frantically disassembled the table and there I was: frantically trying to find my glasses.

They were nowhere to be found!

Que Horrible!

How could this be? I won't spare you the gory details so read the letter here at right for the full nitty gritty then report back to this post for the conclusion to my contusion.

Angry Letter Shown At Right: Not Actual Size. Click the letter's image to enlarge it for your viewing pleasure.

Did you finish reading the letter? Bueno!

I was surprised that a few weeks after sending my letter to Mico's Mothership, I received a gift card in the mail from them. The $100 gift card didn't come close to replacing my $600 spectacles, but it was some sort of peace offering. An attempt.

In the end, I had to reorder new glasses and swallow my pride. I couldn't stomach the thought of boycotting my favorite food source no matter how much rage I had within.

However, I still hold the grudge against the Galleria location and have not been back in over three years.

I narrowly dodged a near fatal break-up with my favorite restaurant but rest assured when I eat there, I don't take off my glasses!


melissa kaye said...

Yikes, I can't decide between Mi Cocina's and Mariano's. You have taken me to Mariano's more. Hmm...

WTF said...

Restaurante Mi Cocina Stupido!

Nikki said...

I'm so behind on your blog but I'm catching up! I hate the Galleria. There's no reason to go unless you just have to. Luckily there are other MiCos in the area! (I, too, have fallen victim to the thrill that is drunk shopping.)

ActionNeeded said...

There is nothing better than sitting down and reading one of your blogs...well, thats a lie actually, but I do enjoy your sense of writing!

and this, mi cocina story, is why ojedas will always have my business!!

patrick (

Gaia queen said...

I lost a pair of prescription sunglasses at a local Mexican food restaurant as well. You 'spose there's something in the margaritas that makes us walk off without them?? Like you, mine were never returned, but I'm pacifying myself with the thought that perhaps I dropped them in the noisy parking lot. Sigh...back to my Wal-Mart model sunglasses. :(