Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aqua Globes = Aqua Scam!

This company will take your money by tricking you. I know this because they took mine!

Watch out for... the "Aqua Globes!"

They overcharged me for a single set... then doubled my over charged order over $100 for what was a $15 purchase!

It's an Aqua Scam, folks!


melissa kaye said...

Yikes! It looks as if they lied to you as well. It says in the photo you posted, "Not available in stores". What a load of crap! I saw them just the other day at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you would of purchased them there you wouldn't of been over charged. How dare they!! I would write a letter to the company demanding your money back.

melissa kaye said...

They are also available on Bed Bath & Beyond's website, just so you know. $9.99 for a box with 2 globes in it!!

Melissa said...

I have seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Home Depot, 2 large or 3 small for $9.99. I have the large bulbs in four of my house plants. Every time I take them out the tube is plugged and I have to use a disposable straw to break it up, but I have never noticed it affecting performance. Some of my larger plants in sunny spots have to be refilled weekly instead of every other week, but they have worked great for me.